Meli’sa Morgan

Blessed with a passionate, powerful, straight from the heart voice, and lauded world-wide as the female personification of genuine contemporary R&B, scintillating Soul Songstress MELI’SA (“Do Me Baby’s MORGAN returns to the music industry forefront with I REMEMBER…

The solid, much anticipated set is spearheaded by a remarkable, chart climbing, lead single, the remake of the 1979 Roberta Flack / Donny Hathaway smash “Back Together Again.” Meli’sa dynamically duets with Freddie (“Rock Me Tonight’ Jackson, a.k.a. the Sultan of Sensual Soul. The powerhouse pair’s consummate voices and raw emotional runs take “Back Together Again” to unbelievable new heights. Orpheus CEO, Charles Huggins, President Beau Huggins, and Vice President Charli Huggins are all pleased that they brought Meli’sa and Freddie back together again for this project. Orpheus, originally known as Hush Productions, were the innovative production company that launched both of their celebrated careers in the mid-1980s. With all due respect to Roberta and Donny, Meli’sa and Freddie make the timeless classic their own. “Once I decided I wanted to record “Back Together Again,” advised Morgan, “I knew I had to do it with Freddie, who is a close and enormously talented friend of mine. We always wanted to record together, and judging by the awesome response the song is getting from fans, the press and radio, it clearly was the perfect choice.”

Her critically acclaimed list of #1 hits include the Prince penned “Do Me Baby” (which made her a star), the fearless funk of “Fool’s Paradise,” the sizzling sensuality of “Do You Still Love Me,” and “Love Changes,” her electrifying collaboration with super `80s producer Kashif.

The I REMEMBER… title track is ready to add another chart-topping slow jam to Morgan’s stellar list of hits. Co-written and produced by Meli’sa and long time collaborator Lesette Wilson (who contributed six songs to her CD), “I Remember…” is the album’s sensational debut solo single. Breaking new emotional and vocal ground, Morgan delivers a pulsating, sensuous performance that is filled with lyrical power, poignancy and pleasure. “This song is one that everyone can relate to – for everybody who has ever loved somebody, lost somebody or found that somebody again,” says the deep thinking, everbeautiful Meli’sa Morgan. “It’s one of the best and most sincere songs I’ve ever recorded.”

Influenced by great R&B divas like Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin, Meli’sa’s impressive album also features her new stylized version of “Ain’t No Way.” Giving it her own spine tingling spin, she takes the Ashford & Simpson produced track to a rarely reached soul inspired plateau. “It’s a song close to my heart, and working on it with my friends Nick and Valerie gave me the extra incentive to push the envelope. I wasn’t trying to do it better than Aretha, no one could. I just wanted to do it my way, hoping to touch people with it the way the original version always touches me.”

Keeping in touch with her younger, cross-generational fan base, the booming beats and sheer hiphop/soul influence of “Will You,” another I REMEMBER… hit-bound highlight, has the potential to widen the parameters of today’s urban music landscape, and allow Meli’sa to reach inquisitive, openminded teens seeking more substantive contemporary R&B. “I love young impressionable people,” says Meli’sa, whose Meli’sa Morgan Foundation works on behalf of teen girls, encouraging their education ambitions and positive growth initiatives. “Musically and educationally speaking, I believe if you give kids good alternative choices, they are not only eager to listen, but willing to learn. Once they discover their positive roots, musical or otherwise, there’s no turning back.”

Turning back the hands of time to when Meli’sa first discovered her God given gift of song, she was only four years old when she started singing for people. “My mother was my driving force,” she recalls. “She saw something in me and would sing with my sister and me, and have us put on shows for her friends in our Queens, New York living room. I love her for her encouragement because I have always loved to sing!”

By 8 years old Meli’sa was singing in the church choir. But it was her success in a high school talent show, wherein she basked in the glow of audience applause, that Meli’sa says she, “knew I wanted to be a singer. Nothing would ever be able to fill my heart and soul that way, and that is what I have devoted my life to…. singing. I have never needed drugs or anything like that. As long as I can sing…. that’s the only high I will ever need.”

After high school Morgan toured with bands, sang in clubs and attended Julliard’s prestigious School of Music, studying music theory and chord structure. Next came backup singing and touring with major artists, including Chaka Khan, now one of her dearest friends, and still, informs Meli’sa, “one of my idols.” The Khan connection introduced her to Lesette Wilson, then Chaka’s musical director. “Lesette was inspirational for me during my first and second albums with Capitol Records,” praised Morgan, who has reigned as one of Capital’s premiere stars during her tenure at the label. “Not only did Lesette and I become close friends,” adds Meli’sa, “together we wrote and produced “Fool’s Paradise”, “Do You Still Love Me?”, “Good Love” and many other songs.

Having experienced the highs, lows and in-betweens of the ever changing music business over the last two decades, Meli’sa, an accomplished songwriter, producer and actress, who studied at the Lee Strasburg Institute, understands that in addition to talent and tenacity, timing is everything. “I think the music industry is now more receptive to strong, gutsy and stylistic R&B singers, and this is a blessing for me in this day and time,” says the versatile singer whose ability to move an audience is legendary. “The universe,” she concludes, “works in cycles. Everybody has his or her time. I believe it’s my time again and I’m back in the game.”

Back in the game and “Back Together Again” with her global legions of devoted fans, sexy soul songstress Meli’sa Morgan is at the forefront of a revolutionary new contemporary soul/R&B movement that kicks off with her melodic masterpiece, I REMEMBER…, a future classic album, that’s impossible to forget.

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